Kendrick Lamar Covers Rolling Stone Magazine Frontpage

He’s being tagged “The Greatest Rapper Alive”

Kendrick Lamar is on the cover of the new Rolling Stone issue, and it comes with a bold statement as the title: ‘The Greatest Rapper Alive.’ As bold as it may be, many can disagree with it.

In the feature interview with Brian Hiatt, K.Dot talks about his biggest vice, carrying himself as a man even when he was a kid, growing up with a dad around unlike a lot peers, taking action rather than speaking on Donald Trump, sitting inside the prison Nelson Mandela was jailed and much more.

Check out an excerpt below.

You rapped about teenage dreams of “livin’ life like rappers do” – but your own life as a rapper has turned out to be pretty sedate. What are your vices at this point?
My biggest vice is being addicted to the chase of what I’m doing. It turns into a vice when I shut off people that actually care for me, because I’m so indulged spreading this word. Being on that stage, knowing that you’re changing people’s lives, that’s a high. Sometimes, when you’re pressing so much to get something across to a stranger, you forget people that are closer to you. That’s a vice.

Do you ever feel like you should be having more fun?
Everybody’s fun is different. Mine is not drinking. I drink casually, from time to time. I like to get people from my neighborhood, someone that’s fresh out of prison for five years, and see their faces when they go to New York, when they go out of the country. Shit, that’s fun for me. You see it through their eyes and you see ’em light up.

Read the whole interview over at Rolling Stone’s website.

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