ALBUJM STREAM: Black Friday – Bushido

Black Friday finsally releases album “Bushido”

Bushido merely published an Amazon link via Twitter to the new album. If the title was still under TBA (“to be announced”) is now announced that the album will bear the name Black Friday. He has little to do with the sales force in the States but is more a connection to his artist name Sonny Black. Lastly, he released the joint album Cla $$ ic together with Goldjunge Shindy, which, of course, came in first place on the charts and took 20th place in the year 2015.

So slowly it goes to the Promophase because the first video to the track fallout is outside. At Bushido one knows what one gets and so it is also this time. Fallout is not a big surprise but its fans will celebrate it. This is the second video “Going pure” the more surprising as Bushido tries in the trap. Normally he did not care about current trends, but apparently he liked the new sound. He is supported by M.O.030, which was previously unknown to us.

There is also an album shift to announce. By video Bushido announces that the album on the 09.06. Must be moved. But do not be sad about EGJler. There will be a fler feature on Black Friday. If that is nothing.

Bushido released “Sodom & Gomorrha” another video from “Black Friday”. In addition, there are other announcement videos on his YouTube channel, which include the box content and the new signing Laas Unltd. Is spoken.

In the “Black Friday” box, The first “Carlo Cokxxx hookers” with fler aka Frank White on vinyl and a T-shirt, as well as 200 golden tickets for the Bushido tour in December. In addition, a happy buyer gets a chance to get a live concert of Bushido. Relatively simplistic, with another fauxpas as it was with the case of Shindy’s backpack was, however, no longer to be expected.

The tracklist to “Black Friday” has now been announced. There are 14 songs with supporting parts from the label colleagues Shindy, Laas Unltd., M.O.030 and Ali Bumaye as well as from AK Ausserkontrolle. In addition, there is a small Carlo Cokxxx hooker comeback with Fler on the song “CCNDNA”. We are curious!

Shortly before release, Bushido has still released the video to the track Papa. In addition to all his hard lyrics, this time he finds very warm and open words for his children. Because the life that Bushido leads can surely be confusing for the little ones. With this song, he tries to explain this and also lets his children speak. Very very heart-warming as we find.

See Tracklist to Song below:


01. Black Friday
02. Sodom und Gomorrha
03. Echte Berliner (feat. AK Ausserkontrolle)
04. Fallout
05. Moonwalk (feat. Shindy)
06. Geschlossene Gesellschaft
07. Gehen wir rein (feat. M.O.030)
08. Papa
09. CCNDNA (feat. Fler)
10. Ground Zero
11. Switch Stance (feat. Laas Unltd)
12. Angst (feat. Ali Bumaye)
13. Oma Lise
14. So Lange

Stream this album below:

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